DADS – All your Birth Photography questions & concerns answered

DADS – All your Birth Photography questions & concerns answered

Dads – All your birth photography questions / concerns answered

Your partner has just asked you whether she can hire a birth photographer to capture the birth of your baby and all you thinking is “A What?

What is a birth photographer and why would you want a stranger in the room with you while you giving birth”

Well, let’s switch things up for a bit. Lets talk about something you may want, that new phone, or computer or maybe that cool new toy that you can fly around and record things (yes I know its called a drone) or something a little more exciting like a new car, your dream car, a limited edition, not to ever be sold again. The one with heated leather seats, a harman kardon sound system, the one with 400 something kw and that magically parks itself, all these special things that makes this car special or in fact different to the perfectly good one that you already have.

Your wife is confused, you’ve told her everything about this car, you’ve done all the research and this is definitely something that you HAVE to buy, yet she cant see the value or even understand half the stuff coming out your mouth. She tries to reason why you should just keep the perfectly good one that you already have, I mean that one also has a camera and goes beep beeeep beeeeep when you park, but at the end she probably ends up agreeing to it and not because it can park itself, but because YOU want it and love is about compromise and deep down she knows that its not just a car, just like its not just a photoshoot….  

Let’s speak about your partner for a second. The one that has carried your baby for 9 months, the one that will endure the physical and emotional journey of birthing your baby.

Maybe, just maybe she wants you to be fully present during the birth, holding her hand and stroking her head.

Maybe, she doesn’t want the blurry cellphone pictures. She wants the beautiful, unposed, professionally documented images where she can look back and see the things that she might have missed, like the expression on your face when your baby was born or the way your baby cuddled to your chest and the way you supported her throughout the birth.

Maybe, she wants to see images like the ones at the bottom of this post and deep down I think you might too. 

To her, this is not just another photoshoot

Now that I have you thinking, let me answer some of the questions that are still floating around your head like what is my role as a birth photographer? I am there to discretely and quietly document the intimacy and beauty of the birth of your baby, however, I’m not just there to document this story, I’m also there to support you. I’m there so that you can be fully present in the moment, not watching this magical day behind the screen of your phone. I’m there to capture the moments that might be forgotten, the moments that might not be seen and the moments that will be cherished forever.

Alright, but you don’t like being photographed. Not a problem. I won’t show these images to anyone if you don’t want me to and I won’t put you in an awkward position where I ask you to pose. I document the moments as they come naturally.

Okay, but there are certain things and moments that make you vulnerable and because you are protective over your partner, you don’t want me photographing these things. I respect you for this and should there be something specific that you are not comfortable with, I am here to discuss it. I also work according to a strict code of conduct so there are certain things that I am not allowed to photograph which will also help put you at ease.  

You a private person and you find it weird having another stranger with you in the labor room or theatre. I can understand your thinking here and this is why I encourage my clients to book early so that I can have a cup of coffee with you and build a relationship throughout the pregnancy so that when I arrive at the hospital or your home to capture the birth,  I might still be a stranger, yet I’m a face that you know.

This day is one of the most memorable, incredible life changing days of your life. You can not ever do this day over again, so considering a birth photographer for next time or later is not possible because your baby is only born once. This is not snap and go photography, this is a journey and it will be my honor to share it with you. Sometimes, you don’t have to understand something 100% to be supportive of it (Just like the car metaphor that I spoke of at the beginning).

I hope that I’ve cleared up your concerns and answered your questions, if not, please feel free to send me an e-mail and ill be happy to answer any further questions.


Need more information?

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All your Birth Photography Questions

All your Birth Photography Questions

Considering a Birth Photographer, but you unsure about the process and what all it entails or your husband is against the idea…

This post will hopefully answer all your questions and by the end, you will be able to make a more informed decision whether you would want a birth photographer or not.

Why do I need a birth Photographer? 

There are so many reasons, but to name a few;

– Memories: There is nothing better than looking back at your photo’s of the day your precious baby was born.

– Details: I am able to capture the behind the scenes details that you might miss. The eagerly awaiting grandparents, the loving touch of your partner and most of all the look of love and awe as you meet your baby for the first time.

– Spouse: Can concentrate on you and not worry & focus on taking pictures which could result in very special moments missed.

Due to the nature of birth being very intimate. How much privacy do we get?

My interaction is very limited due to the fact that this is such an intimate time. Natural Birth: Im pretty much always behind the scenes for natural birth. I give you and your partner the space that you need, while still capturing the special moments. C-Section: Before theatre, ill be with you in the room for a bit capturing those moments. I try to capture natural, unposed images because that is what the documentation of the day is all about. If a client specifically asks me for a picture of her & her kids and husband all in one, then I will ask everyone to pose and look at me, however this is very different to a normal shoot were I direct you on what to do. I try to hide behind a curtain and capture those candid moments, however this is not always possible with space limitations. I also discuss all aspects of the photo’s that I will be taking and if there is something that you would like to include/exclude we can discuss this and have a clear understanding of boundaries. 

What is your interaction in the theatre (C-Sections)?

I have very strict procedures that I need to follow in theatre, where I can stand, what I may photograph etc so I have little to no interaction with mom and dad in theatre. Im just in the background capturing all the moments that you might not see (like a tear from your husband or the way he holds your hand etc) and then most importantly the birth of your baby.  

What if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong during the birth, I will leave the labor room/theatre until the doctor advises that I can return.

What happens after baby is born?

Once we are done in theatre, I will go with dad and if the hospital / he allows me to take the intimate skin to skin pictures I will be there for that and for the weighing etc. Then I wait for mom to come out of recovery and once you are back in your room ill capture the moments when you hold your baby for the first time and if requested some pictures of you breastfeeding him/her for the first time. Please note that the breastfeeding images are still very private and do not expose you in any way.


Are you registered with the appropriate birth photography associations?

Yes I am registered with Winelands Birth Photographers association (WBPA) and Cape Town Birth Photographers Association (CTBPA)

When can I expect the images?

I usually try to send one or two sneak peeks to mom & dad within the first 24 hours so that they have something to send to friends and family & share on social media should they wish. The completed pictures will be sent within 2 weeks from the shoot date.

What if you are unavailable or sick on the day of the birth?

I always have a backup photographer that will be available to take my place on the day of the birth so you will never be without images.

Why should I hire you as my birth Photographer?

If someone is passionate about something, it will show in their eyes & their work. I am extremely passionate about birth photography. When I talk about it I get goosebumps. A wedding is beautiful, but a birth to me is absolutely breathtaking. Im not a snap and go photographer, I walk the journey with you, assist you where needed and give your husband a helping hand if he might need one. I am a mother myself and I have experienced a c-section so I know what to expect. Having me as your birth photographer to capture all these precious moments is something you will not regret and would be an honor for me to share this day with you.  

How early should I book you?

As soon as possible. I like to build a relationship with my clients and walk the journey with you! I want to know about all the scans and see those bump pics!

Got more questions?

Do you have some more questions that I have not covered? Please feel free to get in touch with me here and ill get back to you. 

Need some more convincing? Here are some testimonials from clients that have booked me to capture their birth story. 


Choosing Tarryn Jordaan Photography to capture the birth of our son was by far one of the best decision we have ever made.

So many precious moments tend to get missed on this special day because everything happens so fast.
Being able to look back now on the amazing moments Tarryn was able to capture brings tears to my eyes.
Tarryn was not only friendly and professional but went the extra mile. We couldn’t be happier.
I would highly recommend Tarryn Jordaan Photography to capture your birth story.

Siann Dorfling

Birth Photography from a Dad’s Perspective

The moment when you become a father is a very special but its over before you know it. I honestly don’t have the slightest regret having Tarryn there to capture the birth of our Son.

Tarryn’s birth photography is NOTHING like wedding photos.

It was not invasive and we did not feel distracted from the experience at all – we didn’t even notice that she was there. The photos came out amazing and I can’t actually put a value on the photos that we now have to keep and to look back on.

Kyle Dorfling

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