Noun | /bəːθ/

“Your first breath took ours away”


Bringing life into this world is one of the most courageous, magnificent, inspiring and beautiful things us woman endure.

 I personally think that Birth photography is the most beautiful type of photography that you get. It is the most raw, natural, precious memories that can be captured behind a lens. I love hearing birth stories and more and more during conversation, I am hearing how the special moments are forgotten and how they wish they had someone to capture those moments – I sure do!

Not every birth is the same and most of the time (Especially during the first birth) things can be overwhelming and you forget, you forget what it was like seeing your baby for the first time, you forget the expression on your husbands face the first time they see your baby, you forget the surroundings, you forget the emotion. That’s what I’m there for, to capture all these moments for you to look back on and cherish.

 I am a proud member of Cape Town Birth Photographers Association (CTBPA) and work according to a strict code of conduct.

 To bless you on this journey, I include a mini maternity session when you book a birth session. This allows us to get to know each other better before I capture the birth.

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